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Enterprise Database Capture Form Return to Office use DOT Reference Number DOT 2009 KZN Dept. of Transport Private Bag X 9043 PIETERMARITZBURG 3201 Tel: 033-355 8708 /8950 Company Legal Name Company
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Hello guys welcome once again in the last video I have shown you how you can order data or filter data or find and replace data in Access database using these tool items here and I have also given you a little introduction how to create a form with your database now in this video I am going to show you how you can create and design your form so that it will look interactive for example I will show you how you can add buttons to your form or how you can add charts to your form so let's get started we already have this data which we have created in the first video right and I have also shown you in the last with you how you can create a form what you need to do is you need to go to this create tab and you can select this form button and it will give you the form like this so let's create a form which is a different form from this and we will try to design our form according to ourselves right so let's design a form okay so once again we are in create tab and this time we need to go to this more forms here and we will use this time form wizard to create a form just click this form wizard and in here you can select the columns you want to show in the form suppose if you want to show all the columns just click this button or otherwise if you want to do not you don't want to include some column you can just select the column and just pick this one arrow button here and it will go here so whatever fields are here will be shown in the form and whatever fields are here will not be shown in the forum for example I want to show all the fields in the form okay so I will just select this and click Next and here you can decide which type of form you will want to show of the V which you want to make there are four types you which you can decide the first is called columnar which is a default form type ii is tabular third is a datasheet and fourth is called justified i'm going to choose this default column layout and i will click Next and in here you can choose the design you want to give to your form you can change the design or the layout at the runtime but yeah you can choose your style from here so when you click here you can see different design and whatever design suits your needs you can just select the design okay for example right now I'm choosing this equity style and I will click Next and this here will ask you whether you want to open the form to view or enter information otherwise you can design your form first which we are going to do so I will select this radio button modify the form design and I want to save this form to the name employee info form for example ok and make sure this is selected modify the forms design and I will click finish and now we are in design mode here you can do lot of designing stuff so what you can do here is you can for example you want to change the background color of these boxes you can just select all the box right click it and fill background you can select the spill background I will choose this light green color...